Green neighbors

The meadows at our Clark Preserve will soon get a haircut thanks to a generous family of green neighbors, who wish to remain anonymous.  These green neighbors live near the Clark Preserve and have a passion for preserving nature.  When the PRLC’s Elyse Arnow and Tate Bushell made their acquaintance back in June 2012, it wasn’t long before they offered to help.  Since then, they have taken it upon themselves to act as stewards of this community asset, which will remain a beautiful place for wild plants and animals to live.  Also, by mowing the meadows, they help us carry out our organizational mission.  Thank you very much, green neighbors.

Why mow the Clark Preserve meadows?
Meadows are not common in Pound Ridge; our private land that isn’t forested is usually kept as well-manicured lawn.  The wild meadows that do exist provide habitat for a great variety of flowers, insects and birds, which are not usually supported by manicured lawn.  Meadows rely on infrequent mowing to stop woody shrubs like Japanese barberry and multiflora rose from taking over.  Larger meadows can be seen at the Ward-Pound Ridge Reservation, which are mowed by the County.

To see the beautiful Clark Meadows:
Visit the preserve on Autumn Ridge Road.  From the parking lot, pass the information kiosk and take the yellow trail roughly 12 minutes to the meadow.  A meadow trail brings you through a field of milkweed, goldenrod and the acrobatic bluebird.