Making a Bequest to the PRLC

A gift through your estate can help the PRLC in the future. Founded in 1975, we have been supported by at least two generations of Pound Ridge residents who want to protect their backyards, our local environment, important natural viewsheds and our town’s natural resources. We hope you consider joining us with a gift in the future but planned for now.

Benefits of giving to the PRLC through your estate plan include:

  • The perpetuation of your values around land conservation in our community.
  • Retaining control of your assets during your lifetime.
  • And taking advantage of tax laws that help preserve your estate assets.


By naming the Pound Ridge Land Conservancy in your estate plan as a beneficiary of specific assets, of a portion of your estate or of your residual estate, several assets are available as a tax-efficient way to make a bequest as well as to provide flexibility should circumstances change.

These include:

  • Retirement plan such as an IRA, 401 (K) or 403 (b)
  • Life Insurance policy
  • Financial accounts such as a bank or brokerage account or a certificate of deposit (CD)

As with making any gift of assets, please consult your financial advisor or accountant.

If your plans already include a gift for the PRLC, please let us know. If you wish to name the PRLC in your will or estate plan our legal designation is: The Pound Ridge Land Conservancy, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York, with principal business address of P.O. Box 173, Pound Ridge, New York 1O576. Our tax identification number is 51- 0173458.

PRLC, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, has been determined to be a qualified supported tax-exempt organization under sec. 501(c)(3) of the IRC of 1986 as amended. All contributions are deductible by the donor within allocable limits for Federal income, gift and estate tax purposes.