The PRLC seeks to preserve natural habitats and biodiversity in Pound Ridge for aesthetic, quiet enjoyment and educational purposes.

The PRLC engages in the following activities in support of its mission:

  • Stewardship of our 18 preserves, totaling over 360 acres, and partnering with the Westchester Land Trust to protect an additional 100+ acres through conservation easements;
  • Encouragement of private, tax deductible donations of land and conservation easements to permanently preserve undeveloped land and protect the semi-rural character of Pound Ridge.
  • Promotion of community-wide conservation through demonstrational workshops, guided hikes and other educational forums at the Armstrong Education Center and Preserve, hands-on volunteer opportunities throughout PRLC preserves and the dissemination of instructional and reference materials.
  • Mobilization and training of the next generation of conservationists through internship programs, mentorships, hands-on projects and volunteer opportunities; and,
  • Partnering with other local, land conservation organizations and the town on land preservation issues, outreach and education.


Early Spring Trail - Clark Preserve

Early Spring Trail – Clark Preserve