Plant Something Green

Not surprisingly, we are big fans of green things. Trees, ferns, herbs, grasses, flowers, shrubs- you name it - we are currently adding plants to our native landscaping at the Armstrong Education Center. By generously providing us with a 'green donation' you help us add to our productive landscape that will benefit the insects, animals and humans of the Armstrong Preserve into the future.

How does it work? Easy.

  • You make a green donation here on our website by credit card or mail. Please indicate that it is for 'Something Green' in the comments text box.
  • We add your donation to our Armstrong Education Center's landscaping fund and use it to buy an appropriate tree, shrub or fern during our seasonal plant purchase.
  • We plant new plants in the ground

Choose from the following 'green donation' types or you can leave it up to us:
 $30 - 25 hardwood tree saplings
 $50 - 1 bayberry shrub for our meadow planting
 $80 - 3 ferns for our vernal pool or house planting
 $100- 1 American heritage apple OR paw paw tree
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Does your family want to be there when your green donation goes into the ground?

Donations over $100 come with an added bonus: you can choose to be present at the time of planting. You can experience the magic as your tree, shrub or ferns are added to the working landscape of the Armstrong Education Center and learn how it will benefit its immediate environment and its inhabitants. This option is great for school groups, Boy scouts/Girl scouts and families.

We proudly source our plants from the following native plant nurseries:

The Catskill Native Nursery

DEC Tree Nursery

Fiddlehead Creek