Renovation Timeline: July - December 2007

Armstrong House Project: Renovation

Armstrong House

Prior to Exterior Siding Demolition







November & December, 2007

  • Weekend volunteer work sessions continued: reglazing and restoring windows
  • Major structural repairs commenced with the structural stabilization of the ground floor living room and kitchen where structural instability had been identified. The flooring system was structurally stabilized with interior concrete piers and 4×12 wood beams reclaimed from 100-year-old buildings in Spanish Harlem
  • The masonry chimney was removed and replaced with a concrete foundation and brick pad as a base for the donated, state-of-the art wood burning stove with soapstone exterior as the primary heat source for the structure. The bricks used were all re-claimed from the masonry chimney, cleaned and re-used
  • 1st floor living room windows were re-glazed and renovated with restoration glass where necessary
  • footings were poured and the floor constructed for the trail-head, composting toilet
  • AIA Members and their families join the renovation effort and Energy Subcommittee for the project continued its research on ‘green’ energy and building components in conjunction with the project’s energy consultant Kevin Jeffrey.

September & October, 2007

  • Weekend and weekday volunteer work sessions continued: demolition of interior; removal of siding
  • Scope of work “Phase One” defined; Ground floor external siding was removed and saved for future re-use and 2nd floor paneling was removed to prepare for future insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing upgrades to meet Code requirements and ‘green’ standards
  • First Open House held on October 28th was successful with 50 community residents, professionals and volunteers in attendance

July – August, 2007

  • Building permit issued
  • Adult and volunteer work sessions commence
  • Job site cleanup and safety preparations commenced
  • General contractor hired with consent of the board and scope of work outlined