Renovation Timeline: March - April 2008

Armstrong House Project: Renovation

Solar Array

 Re-Framing of House Commences After Interior Demolition






March & April, 2008

  • Structural stabilization of flooring and floor joists complete.
  • Second floor stabilizing framing underway with front second floor ceiling joists supported and refitted. Front scaffolding will be moved to rear of the house to continue structural re-framing of the second floor
  • Interior demolition of majority of fixtures and old electrical wiring completed including removal of boiler and all steel duct-work throughout the structure and garage
  • Meetings with project electrician, Pound Ridge’s own Charlie George and identified solar and mechanical contractors underway to confirm project’s energy systems and installation.
  • Research continues to confirm use of ‘green’ cell foam insulation both for vapor barrier and exterior walls and ceiling. Alternatives identified.
  • Framing of trail-head composting toilet continues with roof ready for underlayment prior to shingling. Front door constructed off-site replete with half moon window.
  • Majority of re-claimed lumber has been de-nailed and prepared for use.
  • Continued project clean-up including winter leaf and fallen tree removal.

Also – volunteer hours through the end of March top a total of 375 since the end of August, 2007. Each Saturday, a team of between 6-16 volunteers including high school students and community residents, both PRLC board and off-board volunteers, combine their efforts to move the project along under the faithful direction and input of our general contractor Ian Ashby and his crew from South Salem. Contractors, material suppliers and professional experts continue to jump on board the project to lend a hand.