Renovation Timeline: March - May 2009

Armstrong House Project: Renovation

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March through May, 2009

Spring saw the completion of the insulation. A number of cavities and spaces – both exterior and interior – were discovered which the insulation contractor could not gain access to during the original installation of the bio-based spray foam insulation. He made a second visit to perform a touch up and to spray the ceiling and walls of the garage which will serve as our future mechanical and control room. This was followed-up with painstaking hand packing of insulation under the exterior soffits, around windows and door frames.

The future Pound Ridge Land Conservancy office floor was completely removed after the recognition that the original floor and supporting joists were in need of replacement. As the foundation below was now accessible, almost 8 inches of bio-based, open-cell spray foam insulation was installed in the floor prior to the reconstruction of the office floor and joist structure. (8 inches of insulation gives us close to an R value of 40).

All joints and cracks between the sheets of the exterior sheathing were sealed on the first floor, work done in great part by high school student volunteers from John Jay and Fox Lane completing their community service requirements prior to graduation. Window and door frames were also caulked in preparation for the installation of closed-cell polyethylene foil faced house wrap. The house wrap serves as a vapor and wind barrier and the foil serves as a radiant heat barrier which will help keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months. The “Low E” house wrap has an estimated R value of 4.

With the structural foundation complete for our second donated wood burning stove in the kitchen, volunteers installed re-claimed bluestone slabs on its masonry base for fireproofing and wall covering. All that is left to be done to have this stove operational is to install the flu.

Exterior window frames and sills on the first floor were extended and packed out to accommodate the thickness of the new exterior sheathing and house wrap. The window frames were outfitted with wood frames to receive custom made storm panels which will greatly reduce air infiltration around the existing restored windows. The second floor window frames and sills will be similarly upgraded in the upcoming weeks. Window frames and sills were scraped, sanded, primed and a final coat of paint was applied just before our Spring Open House which took place on June 14th.