Renovation - Planning & Acquisition


Armstrong House Project: Planning & Acquisition


PRLC works with volunteers of both Fox Lane and John Jay High Schools as part of the Community Service and Technology Programs to produce CAD drawings of the house. Work was completed in the spring of 2006. Architectural's and as-builts were created by the students and used to support our application for a building permit.


PRLC initiates feasibility study to convert the existing structure to a year-round residence for a land steward. PRLC begins historic research of the existing structure and it's significance to the history and character of Pound Ridge. PRLC and the Town Historian, Phil Pessoni, begin historic research of the Armstrong Property.


PRLC Board explores options for existing structure; teardown, mothball, or renovate.


The house on 43 acres was donated to the PRLC by the Estate of Dr. Catherine Armstrong.