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You can help support our continuing work at the Armstrong House Project located at the Armstrong Education Center at 1361 Old Post Rd. (Rt 121). To read about the Armstrong House's history prepared by former Pound Ridge Town Historian Phil Pessoni and a more current history of the renovation of the 1912 residence from 2002 to 2012 into an off-the-grid prototype for living lighter on the land and PRLC's land steward's residence and education center, click here.

PRLC continues to upgrade and retrofit the home's energy systems to demonstrate leading-edge green technologies. Currently, we are upgrading our original solar installation to a 6kw system. Our future plans include a rain water catchment and solar pump dispersal system for garden watering, a small wind generator atop the roof, a green roof for our chicken coop and a biogas digester to generate methane for energy use. Future projects will be highlighted on our Armstrong House Projects page (coming soon). Of course, funds are needed to pay for ordinary operating expenses for the house. With these targeted, future demonstration projects, please choose to be a Sponsor, Steward or Lead Family or call us to discuss your interests in green energy design and use.

 Sponsor: $250
 Steward: $500
 Lead Family: $1000
 Other:  :  $
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PRLC, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, has been determined to be a qualified supported tax-exempt organization under sec. 501(c)(3) of the IRC of 1986 as amended. All contributions are deductible by the donor within allocable limits for Federal income, gift and estate tax purposes. Your gift does not entitle you to any goods or services of substantial value in return. You should retain this acknowledgement with your tax records to substantiate your contribution.