Announcing PRLC's 2018 Summer Internships

We are pleased to announce part-time Summer Internships available with the Pound Ridge Land Conservancy.  We plan to hire two college students as Preserve Steward interns to work on PRLC’s preserve management and outreach initiatives.  We will also engage two high school seniors in an independent senior-year work experience through their respective schools.  Applicants for the high school senior internships apply here.  Qualified applicants for the Preserve Steward Internships should email a cover letter and resume to Krista Munger at by March 31, 2018.

Preserve Steward Internship Summer 2018

Desired: A college student in Environmental Studies or similar field to assist with trail maintenance, habitat restoration, mapping, research, and community outreach activities on lands that have been protected for their conservation value.  Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to conservation and community service and a desire for hands-on experience in scientific and land management projects.

About the Pound Ridge Land Conservancy (PRLC):  The PRLC is a non-profit land trust that owns and manages over 500 acres of wild land in Pound Ridge, New York.  Our preserves are home to thousands of plants and animals and are managed for the preservation of biodiversity as well as for the visiting public.  PRLC’s hub is located at the Armstrong Preserve and Education Center, 1361 Old Post Road in Pound Ridge, NY.  This is an off-the-grid facility where interns and volunteers learn environmentally sustainable practices and assist in educating others.  For more information, see our website,

Primary Responsibilities:  

  1. Maintain clear and safe hiking trails on PRLC nature preserves, including trail and kiosk signage and entrance visibility. 30%
  2. Assist in projects to monitor and manage invasive species. 30%
  3. Collect data on deer browse pressure, ash tree mortality, and plant density and survival. 10%
  4. Participate in outreach programs to inform and engage the public on conservation issues, including production of a slideshow or video presentation and written report on the internship experience. 30%

Training and Supervision:  Interns will be trained and supervised by PRLC’s Land Steward & Educator, Krista Munger with support from the Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management.  They will learn the safe use of tools, sustainable stewardship techniques, innovate research solutions, and plant and animal identification.  Interns will gain experience in providing leadership to younger volunteers on the team and occasionally work with partner organizations on local conservation initiatives.

Qualifications:  Candidates will have an educational background in the natural sciences or documented experience in the outdoors.  Experience with GIS or video production is desired.  Applicants should be capable of working full or half days in the field (in the heat, amidst insects and other wildlife) and must be able to use hand tools.

Schedule:   The internship runs for ten weeks.  Interns must start between May 30 and June 6 and work until August 15.  Work days are generally 5 days per week, choice of days Monday through Saturday, 9am to 1pm. Interns are required to attend a public presentation of our work on August 15, 6pm-8pm.

Compensation:   A stipend of $1250.00 will be provided.  Housing is not offered for this internship.

To apply:  Email a resume and cover letter by 3/31/18 to Krista Munger at Please label attachments with your name.




Announcing PRLC's Summer 2017 Internship Openings

PRLC is pleased to announce two paid internships available in Summer 2017.  We seek to provide a direct hands-on learning experience in nature preservation to two college students in the Environmental Studies or a similar field of study.  Our interns participate in trail maintenance, habitat protection, and scientific research projects.  They also act as tour guides to work sites, document and develop site plans, and present a summary of their work to the local community at season’s end.

This year, we offer internships in Preserve Stewardship and Environmental Restoration.  The Preserve Stewardship Intern will range across our eight preserves with trails and will visit other sites protected for their conservation value.  The Environmental Restoration Intern will help us to grow native plant stock in our home nursery at the Armstrong Preserve and Education Center and to plant and maintain restoration areas at select PRLC preserves, including Halle Ravine, Carolin’s Grove, and Clark Preserves.  We also welcome high school students who have the opportunity to volunteer as interns during the last month of their senior year.  Please see our Internships page for more information and instructions on how to apply.

Be Inspired: Citizen Science and Volunteer Forum

Seren at OverlookThe Pound Ridge Land Conservancy invites nature lovers of all ages to attend our Citizen Science and Volunteer Forum on February 26, 6pm, at the Armstrong Preserve and Education Center in Pound Ridge.  Discover opportunities to help land managers and scientists using your phone, camera, laptop, or simple tools.  Find an internship or volunteer position with the PRLC or one of our partners.  Our guest speakers will inspire you to become involved and join with others to make a difference in the world.  

This year, we feature Akiko Busch, author of The Incidental Steward: Reflections on Citizen Science.  Ms. Busch is a Hudson Valley resident who conveys a deep sense of place in her writing.  She will read an excerpt from her book and discuss the crucial role that volunteers play in maintaining our ecosystems.  

We will also hear from local scientists and project directors, including Shaun McCoshum and Carolyn Sears.  Dr. McCoshum currently works for the Westchester Land Trust as the Preserve Manager and Educator. He has earned a PhD in Zoology and is an active citizen scientist and formal researcher who uses data from Citizen Science programs.  Dr. Sears is a former educator and co-founder of The Invasives Project – Pound Ridge.  She will describe plans for a community volunteer effort to use goats to manage Japanese knotweed, an invasive plant species.

Participation is free although prior registration is suggested.  Please contact Krista at or 914-205-3533 to register and to receive a digital copy of the Environmentalist’s Guide to Local Volunteer Resources and Citizen Science Projects.