Mushrooms of Halle Ravine

This collection of photographs depicts mushrooms found in Halle Ravine in the last few fall seasons and is a good primer for what we can expect to see on our guided walk on September 24.  Registration for that event is filling quickly so please contact Krista by email or by phone (914-205-3533) to register or to cancel and make room for another person to join us.

We have encountered dry weather conditions in most years and therefore find mainly bracket fungi, which are supported by the moisture held in wood.  For the difficult to distinguish species, I include several instructive photos from Richard Nadon and others from

Halle Ravine is a nature preserve protected by the Pound Ridge Land Conservancy and is open for hiking every day from dawn to dusk.  Foraging or collection of any form of wildlife is generally prohibited in the Preserve.  Trail maps and more information are available at

Armillaria solidipes

Flammulina velutipes, Velvet stalk

Leucopaxillus albissimus

Pluteus cervinus

Russula emetica







Cerrena unicolor

Lenzites betulina

Stereum ostrea

Trametes hirsutum

Tyromyces chioneus

Pleurotus ostreatus, oyster

Postia fragilis

Postia caesia

Fomes fomentarius

Ganoderma lucidum, Reishi

Ganoderma lucidum, Reishi

Polyporus varius

Phyllotopsis nidulans


King Alfred's cakes

King Alfred’s cakes

Nectria cinnabarina

Nectria cinnabarina



Scutellinia scutellata, eyelash fungus

Scutellinia scutellata, eyelash fungus




Xylaria, dead man's fingers

Xylaria, dead man’s fingers





Dacrymyces palmatus, Witches butter

Dacrymyces palmatus, Witches butter

Otidea auricula


Mutinus canis






Calvatia excipuliformis


Guided Mushroom Walk in Halle Ravine

Capture Please register to attend our popular annual fall mushroom walk, to be held this year at Halle Ravine on Sept. 24 from 2pm to 4pm.  Participants can expect to find edible Oyster mushrooms, as shown in our feature photo, and the medicinal reishi mushroom, also known as hemlock varnish shelf.  There is one as big as a dinner plate in this protected sanctuary for wildlife.  Collection and foraging are prohibited in PRLC nature preserves, but we do allow for picking during guided tours such as this one.

Parking is limited at the Preserve entrance at 244 Trinity Pass Road.  Enjoy the marked trails at Halle Ravine any day of the year, dawn to dusk.

Reishi at Halle 001 (3) IMG_20160711_133534389_HDR IMG_20170104_135130587