Richards Preserve

November Volunteer Work Session at Richards Preserve

Volunteers are needed to reign triumphant over the last bit of invasive species in this otherwise pristine nature preserve.  Please wear long sleeves and pants to be prepared to engage in battle and gain victory over the last remaining patch of Japanese barberry, and earn a well-deserved badge of glory for your efforts.  Yes, we will have temporary tatttoos available for the best, or any, volunteers.  No joke, this is a beautiful place for hiking and enjoying the ecology of Pound Ridge.  With your help, we can keep it this way.  Please contact Krista for more information at or 914-205-3533.

Here is a pic of last year’s crew.  They were a hardy bunch but I think we can best them (not really – they were awesome, but we will try).


Trail improvements at Richards Preserve

IMG_20170401_114905140Ten volunteers helped out at our April 1 work session held at the Richards Preserve.  A team of four installed a water bar at the entrance to divert storm water from flowing into and eroding the trail system.  Another team of four worked to create natural dams and obstructions that will capture sediment eroding from trails.  Then, we all joined forces to remove Japanese barberry, an invasive shrub, from the entrance to the Preserve.  We received grant funds from the Watershed Agricultural Council to clear barberry from one acre there this year.   We also received funding from the Land Trust Alliance in support of our work to provide public access at Richards and to maintain the health of its habitats.  Fortunately, the rest of this beautiful older-growth forest is free of invasives.   Take the loop trail in either direction, and make sure to take in the reservoir view from the far end.